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Third Coast Custom Homes is owned by Lane Bertrand. Other than earning a degree from Texas A & M, Lane has been a lifelong resident of Chambers County.   He has a strong sense of community and is a trustee on the local school board.  He is very civic-minded serving on many committees and he also coaches boys and girls youth sports.  


Lane has over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial construction.   Most of those years were spent in Houston or Laredo working for some of the nation's largest and most respected builders.     He has held positions from superintendent trainee to interim president.  


His desire to be closer to home and family caused him to start Third Coast Custom Homes in 2009.  This was just after Hurricane Ike and his entire community needed help.  What started as a second job helping friends and family rebuild their homes turned into a thriving full time business.  You can count on Third Coast Custom Homes to treat you right and give you the best deal possible.

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Lane (Sales): lane@3CCHomes.com

Dave (Project Management): dave@3CCHomes.com

Jodie (Accounting): jodie@3CCHomes.com


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